Best Ethernet Cables for gaming in 2023 - Dexerto

Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

Want to buy the best Ethernet cables for your gaming setup? We list the best lines that offer a glitch-free internet connection and help you win more games. Patch Panel To Switch Cable Management

Best Ethernet Cables for gaming in 2023 - Dexerto

Ethernet cables, or LAN cables commonly called, are the most underrated components of your gaming setup and are an eyesore if not cable managed neatly. While most of your attention is on other aspects like your monitor, GPU, CPU, keyboard, and mice, these cables play a critical role in relaying your internet connection.

A sub-par Ethernet cable or spotty Wi-Fi can ruin your gaming experience and could be why you don’t get appropriate speeds.

While almost everyone relies on Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity, it isn’t considered ideal if you’re a serious gamer. Using an Ethernet cable ensures no sudden signal drops or packet loss and offers you lag-free connectivity, which is an essential requirement for any gamer.

But which is the best Ethernet cable, and where should you pick them up? We list the best LAN cables for your gaming setup with a huge number of options.

While it depends on several things, an Ethernet connection will always be faster than a wireless connection. When you connect a LAN cable from the router to your PC, it offers a zero latency connection, and it can only be impacted if the cable gets damaged.

However, for Wi-Fi, certain variables like range, clear line of sight, modem capabilities, and more define the speed that you get on your system.

With an Ethernet cable, you can get up to a 100Gbps speed. But, via wifi, the fastest network you can set up commercially is a mere 2Gbps by comparison.

Since Ethernet connections offer end-to-end connectivity from the router directly to the PC or laptop, and there are no interruptions, they are way safer. A Wi-Fi connection, on the other hand, is vulnerable to hacking and offers lesser security compared to a cabled connection.

Someone who wants to intercept your wired internet connection must be physically present on your premises, while a Wi-Fi connection can be intercepted remotely.

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A Cat6 Ethernet connection can offer up to 10Gbps. However, you can only get internet speed up to what your Internet plan allows.

Moreover, Ethernet ports on most devices, including most PCs or gaming consoles, are Gigabit ports allowing a maximum of 1Gbps speed.

However, you should opt for a Cat7 or Cat8 LAN cable over a Cat6 cable if the distance between the router and your gaming setup is more than 100 feet. A Cat6 is ideal if the distance between the two is less than 100 feet. Similarly, a Cat8 cable can reach up to 40 Gbps; they aren’t designed for gaming.

Moreover, most games do not require high-speed internet to download in-game data. However, faster connectivity is only required if you’re into streaming games or content.

Cat certification denotes the copper cable certification, and the higher certification number means that the cable or connector has passed more stringent tests. Common examples of different classes of Ethernet cables are Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7, and Cat 8.

The ideal length of the these cables would depend on the distance between the router and the gaming setup. However, ideally, the distance between these two should be at most 100 meters as it might result in higher latency, slower transmission speeds, and loss of signals.

Many people wonder if the Cat7 cable is overkill for gaming. In an ideal scenario, a Cat6 cable should be sufficient for any setup unless the router and the gaming setup are over 100 meters apart. If this is the case, you might need a Cat7 or Cat8 cable.

Best Ethernet Cables for gaming in 2023 - Dexerto

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